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Women service requests for prom dresses, formals, wedding gowns, suits and pants for rush services.

Ultimately, ladies, you are going to be more confident and more self assured if your clothing fits you perfectly. And therefore, if it means you need alterations, invest in the alterations.

How Long the Pant Leg Should Be

The most essential alteration is the hem of the pant. You want to make sure that the top of your pant leg grazes the top of your shoe, and isn’t too long so that it is dragging on the ground.

A great tip, when you take your pants to your local tailor, is to always ask that they leave a good inch inside at your pant hem, just in case they make a tiny mistake and you need to make the pant longer.

Tailor the Rise of the Pant

More often than not, when you try on a beautiful pair of pants and the rise is too long, you are going to have extra fabric that makes your hips look wider.

We want to make sure that if you love the fabric and you love the color, it is well worth the investment to take it and get it altered. A well-skilled tailor can absolutely smooth out the rise of the pant and make that pant fit you perfectly.

Where the Jacket Sleeve Should Hit

When shopping for the perfect blazer, you may find that you fall in love with a beautiful jacket but the sleeve of the jacket is too long. Once again, invest in the alterations.